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Company Profile

Suzhou Future Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd. Zhonghui Branch is mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of machinery and welding products, and is specialized in the production of well-known electrical appliances at home and abroad. The main products are copper strap soft connection series, copper braid soft connection series, high and low voltage contact welding series.

The dynamic team and years of technology precipitation, perfect production equipment, mature welding technology, high-end testing equipment and the national enterprise testing center recognized by the head office CNAS, through the establishment of intelligent equipment management platform and data management platform, will Information flows such as ERP and MES are streamed into our enterprise cloud data center, providing more data interaction for downstream customers and upstream suppliers, and better fulfilling our pursuit of product quality and management excellence.

Automated Production Equipment Display

CNC Machining Center (Haas, USA)
Automatic Welding Equipment
Stamping Equipment

Testing Equipment Display

Ultrasonic Nondestructive Tester
Three Coordinate Detector

ROHS Sample Preparation (German Super Grinder, Swiss Balance)
Chemical Analyzer (Agilent, USA)
Electromagnetic Compatibility: Multi-function Interference Meter (Switzerland), etc.

Five high and low temperature, salt spray and water discharge tests of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute physical and chemical test carbon and sulfur detection
Salt spray test machine

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