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  • FAR7-G automatic grid-connected circuit breaker
  • Product Description:
  • The FAR7-G automatic grid-connected circuit breaker provides island protection and automatic reclosing for distributed power. The product is suitable for various distributed new energy power generation automatic grid connection occasions. This series of products has small volume, high breaking, reliable action, stable performance and good human-computer interaction interface. It has simple installation, and has island protection through over-voltage and over-voltage protection. It is automatically connected to the grid when the main power grid is restored. It complies with the requirements of State Grid Q/GDW-2013 "Technical Specifications for Distributed Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Low Voltage Circuit Breakers".

    The product realizes island protection and automatic grid connection for distributed grids in unattended situations.

◆ It adopts modular structure to form a whole, 35mm standard rail fixed, which is convenient for customers to install, repair or replace quickly;

◆ With manual / automatic switch, safe and reliable; 

◆ The built-in integrated circuit of the circuit breaker realizes the linkage of each pole, and the synchronization of the opening and closing is good;

◆ Low standby power consumption, saving energy, low carbon and environmental protection;

◆ L7 small circuit breaker platform is selected, the closing and closing action is fast and reliable, the temperature rise is low, and the operating force is small.

◆ Over-voltage and pressure-loss protection functions are integrated with the operating mechanism.

Wiring:3P+N/4P three-phase four-wire system
1P+N/2P single phase
Rated working voltage Un3P+N/4P 400V AC / 50Hz
1P+N/2P 230V AC / 50Hz
Undervoltage protection value161V±10V (recovery value: 195V±10V) (phase voltage)
Overvoltage protection value310V±10V (recovery value: 264V±10V) (phase voltage)
Overvoltage and undervoltage protection phasePhase A
Undergoing, pressure loss trip delay5s±1s (can be factory set according to customer requirements 0~10s)
Over-delay delay3s
Self-recovery closing delay5s±1s
Automatic coincidenceIn the automatic state, the leakage fault trips, and the delay is 5 seconds for automatic reclosing; if the closing is unsuccessful, the delay is required to be 15 seconds for the second reclosing; if it is unsuccessful, the delay is required for 30 seconds for the third reclosing; Successful, enters the locked state, unless it is operated by human, no action is taken. If the operation is performed manually, the manual closing is performed, and when the closing is successful, the blocking state is automatically released. 
(Note: After 3 consecutive detections overlap, it trips within 5S, which may be short-circuited at the load end, so it needs to be permanently blocked; 5S non-tripping after closing is defined as closing successfully, and the coincidence count is cleared.)
UnblockingAfter the load end fault is eliminated, the manual close is closed or the remote closing button is closed. If the closing is successful, the lock is released.
Overload short circuit protectionType C (5In
Circuit breaker breaking capacity Icn6KA, 10KA
Dielectric strength:2500VAC 1 minute
Pressure level Uimp4KV
Mechanical life:10,000 times, 3 times / minute
Action time:≤0.5s (without delay)
Protection level:IP20
Operating temperature:-25°C~60°C
relative humidity:≤95% (55°C)
Manual / automatic operation:Automatic mode: with undervoltage, voltage loss protection, remote control and auto-reclosing function.
Manual mode: auto-reclosing, over-voltage, under-voltage protection and remote control function failure.
Indicator light:Indicator off: loss of pressure
Flashing red: overvoltage
Steady red: undervoltage
Steady green: normal voltage closing status
Flashing green: ready to close
Steady orange: blocked or opened

FAR7-G. Dimensional drawing


FAR7-G wiring diagram



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