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Job Title: Test Recruitment Information

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the development of the company's sales strategy, specific sales plans and sales forecasts

2. Organize and manage the sales team to complete the company's sales goals

3. Existing product research and new product market forecasts, providing market information and recommendations for the company's new product development

4. Responsible for the review and supervision of sales quotations, orders, contract related matters

5. Responsible for the promotion and promotion of company brands and products, organization and participation in product promotion meetings and sales activities

6. Develop a strong customer management plan, strengthen customer management, and manage customer information confidentially

7. Develop and collaborate with companies and partnerships, such as relationships with resellers and relationships with agents

8. Develop employee recruitment, training, salary, assessment system, and establish an excellent sales team.

9. Control the balance between sales budget, sales expenses, sales scope and sales targets

10. Grasp the information in real time, provide the company with business development strategy and decision-making basis, and assist the superior to do market crisis public relations processing

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing, business English or international trade.

2. More than 6 years of foreign trade work experience, including more than 3 years of foreign trade team management experience;

3. Excellent oral and email communication skills and excellent business negotiation skills and public relations skills

4. Rich experience in business development and sales operations management, efficient coordination and problem solving

5. Super supervision ability and influence

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