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  • FAR7-GPr leakage protection automatic grid-connected special operator
  • Product Description:
  • The FAR7-G automatic grid-connected circuit breaker provides island protection, leakage protection and auto-reclosing for distributed power supplies. The product is suitable for various distributed new energy power generation automatic grid connection occasions. This series of products has small volume, high breaking, reliable action, stable performance and good human-computer interaction interface. It has simple installation and has island protection through over-voltage and over-voltage protection. When the main power grid returns to normal, the circuit breaker automatically network. It complies with the requirements of State Grid Q/GDW-2013 "Technical Specifications for Distributed Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Low Voltage Circuit Breakers".

◆ The modular structure is adopted in general, and the 35mm standard rail is fixed, which is convenient for customers to install, repair or replace quickly;

◆ With hand/automatic switch, safety padlock mechanism after opening and unlocking reset button (while reclosing count is cleared);

◆ The closing and closing action is fast and reliable, and the L7 miniature circuit breaker platform is adopted, which has high breaking capacity and current up to 100A;

◆ Optional 1P+N/ 2P or 3P+N/4P small leakage circuit breakers with short width;

◆ The number of coincidences and the coincidence delay can be set and adjusted by the customer according to the actual situation;

◆ The number of coincidences can be displayed visually.

Wiring:3P+N/4P three-phase four-wire system
1P+N/2P single phase
Rated operating voltage (Un):3P+N/4P 400V AC
1P+N/2P 230V AC
Overload short circuit protectionType C (5In
Breaker breaking capacity (Icn)6KA, 10KA
It is not allowed to close the insulation resistance L/N-PE (rD): 8 kΩ (30mA/50mA) / 2.5 kΩ (100/300/500mA)
Allowable closing insulation resistance L/N-PE (rDo): 16 kΩ (30mA/50mA) / 5 kΩ (100/300/500mA)
Dielectric strength:2500VAC 1 minute
Pressure level (Uimp):4KV
Undervoltage protection valueSee reference table
Undervoltage trip delay1s    
Overvoltage protection valueSee reference table
Overvoltage trip delay0.5s   
Overvoltage and undervoltage recovery delay20~60s

2P wiring diagram


4P wiring diagram


FAR7-GPr installation diagram


FAR7-GPr installation diagram 1


FAR7-GPr installation diagram 2


Product outline drawing



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